3000 euros payday loan without private credit


 There are several ways to get a 3000 Euro payday loan without private credit. However, the lender can only be a German bank or savings bank in rare cases, since a loan application requires a private credit information. If there are negative entries, this almost always means the end of the loan application. Only if the entries are minor, may an exception be made. 

If you are looking for a 3000 Euro payday loan without private credit, you should consider other alternatives. For example, a foreign loan, a personal loan or a loan, which comes about through a private intermediary, is possible.

loan comparison

loan comparison

In most cases, a loan is at your own disposal. Exceptions are car, real estate or comparable loans, which are expressly earmarked. 3000 euros is a sum of money that is often sufficient for purchases such as furniture. If the private credit information is not in order, but there are already significant problems to obtain a loan with this comparably small amount.

A credit comparison is very important when it comes to gaining an overview of the entire offer and selecting a suitable lender. Not all lenders claiming that a 3,000 euro loan without private credit is easily possible, are reputable. Often, they require high pre-payments or the additional conclusion of a home savings or capital life insurance. In addition, they often promise that lending is possible without any collateral and even without a fixed salary. These statements are untrue and should be noted with great caution. 
A reputable lender will get a realistic picture and, based on the insights gained, will assess whether credit is possible.

personal loans

personal loans

Personal loans are very popular. They can be subdivided into loans originating from the private circle of friends and loans granted by one or more external persons. In the case of personal loans, the terms of lending between the individual contracting parties are, as a matter of principle, individually negotiated. Statutory requirements, when and under what circumstances lending is possible and how the payment and the repayment has to be made, there is, in contrast to a bank loan not.

However, this does not mean that a private person has to give away money and lends a loan without you knowing that she will get the money back within the prescribed limits. Even in the private sector, you should stick to once made agreements. Otherwise, a lot of trust can be lost, which later can only be recovered with great difficulty.

If you do not have the possibility to take up a personal loan, but are nevertheless interested in a personal loan, you can register on an internet portal. There, private credit users are brought together with private lenders. You can individually inform yourself about the modalities of lending. The internet portal has no influence whatsoever and leaves all details to the two contracting parties.

Private credit intermediaries and foreign loans

There are numerous private credit intermediaries offering their services, especially on the Internet. They often have decades of experience and can also help clients who otherwise have little chance of lending at home or abroad. If you are looking for a 3000 Euro payday loan without private credit, a private credit intermediary can be a good place to go. Here, however, the criteria of respectability apply. If you are already paying in advance or if you want to conclude costly insurance or home savings contracts, it is important to refrain from doing so. There are enough serious alternatives.

A request from a foreign lender is also an option. For example, a Liechtenstein-based bank can grant a € 3000 loan to German citizens without private credit. You should have a permanent employment contract, a fixed income of at least € 1100 and a permanent residence in Germany. The minimum age is 18 years.

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